Second eschar detached
I photographed the last root photo in the middle of the night when I felt the need to change the dressing that was becoming soaked from more drainage. I just laid some gauze over the top of the lesion and tried to sleep without bumping it. However when I woke up the eschar was missing. Not securing the gauze may have caused the eschar to detach before the roots were absorbed (again) so I will redo the treatment in a few weeks to see if there is any reaction to the salve. The roots were much smaller on this eschar, and it was smaller and thinner the second time and completely resolved between the new application of black salve on June 15th, and the detachment of the eschar on June 22nd. The pain stopped as soon as the eschar was gone, but the area became very itchy, and when I scratched around it, a deep penetrating pain came back for a while, as though a root had broken. I guess I haven't gotten them all yet due to too much manipulation of the eschar again and the fact that it was probably bumped off prematurely during the night. Since I didn't confine myself to bed while the eschar resolved completely on it's own schedule, these are the consequences. But my leg feels differently now--the lump and tenderness appear to be gone, other than the sensitivity of the lesion itself.