Thigh after eschar detaches
This is the hole soon after the eschar came out. Unfortunately, all the photos of this event were taken without the flash which makes it more difficult to make out the details, but this is also undistorted by direct flash. In the 2 o'clock position, the large root that was holding the eschar on can be clearly seen. I walked across the house to get the camera with the scab hanging and it broke, leaving the root dangling. It was over 1/2 inch long. The exterior part soon rotted and fell off, but could be seen in the tissue. This treatment was a mess--all that should remain is bright red healthy tissue, and the appearance of several broken roots shows instead. So, back to the black salve as soon as the lesion heals over enough to tolerate it. One doesn't put black salve on raw tissue without pain killers. June 3rd, 2004.