Thigh after eschar detaches

The "wound" a day after the eschar came out. The light salve is drawing pus, keeping infection out, and allowing the opening to heal very rapidly. The flesh knob and root remains show at the top. It appears the other roots have drawn back inside and are no longer visible inside or at the edges of the tissue (unless what I think is pus inside the lesion is actually root remains). According to an acknowledged expert--Dan Raber--these are cancerous roots that must come out or more cancer will occur, which could explain the high failure rate of the standard surgical removal of cancer. How could a conventional doctor remove such roots surgically if they were attached to tumors and cancerous tissue? Of course there are times when tumors or cancer masses must be removed surgically for different reasons, in spite of the danger of releasing cancer cells into the bloodstream and removing a focal point or depository for diseased matter, but one might certainly consider following up surgery with a procedure like this. I personally would never have a tumor or cancerous tissue removed surgically unless the physical mass was in some way life-threatening or causing intolerable pain.

Take the case of breast cancers. My original naturopathic physician, the late Dr. Harold Dick, who may have had the highest cancer cure rate of any doctor in the world (before it became a felony to treat cancer with anything other than surgery, radiation or chemotherapy) found that breast cancers were always secondary to primary cancers in the uterus, or other lower regions, and that removing the breast cancer surgically made it spread. When an elderly woman came in with a huge, disfigured breast full of cancerous tumor, he congratulated her on having the courage to fight surgical removal. His shocking before and after photos of her breast show a completely normal breast after treatment in his clinic--diet, electrotherapy/hydrotherapy to stimulate blood circulation and the immune response, along with probably her key tissue salt deficiency, maybe some glandulars and digestive herbs which make up the main part of most treatments. He also used homeopathics and a few other natural medicines on some people.