2nd black salve application.
This is the second consecutive escharotic salve treatment. As soon as the first lesion healed over enough, more black salve was applied. The pain was far more intense this time around, but the formation of an eschar happened in less than 12 hours. (The salve was removed after 12 hours instead of 24 because of the pain.) This time, there was less inflammation around the outside of the lesion, but more swelling at the site. I made some pin pricks around the swollen edges of the eschar and drained much watery, bloody pus out, which continued for several days. I attempted a second application of the black salve after a couple of days but had to remove it because of the pain, and stuck with the light drawing salve. The pain came and went, and was helped by Kava Kava. It seemed to be worse at night in bed--throbbing, pulling on the muscle, and digging deep into the flesh. The bandaging on this is exactly what it looks like--strips of duct tape crisscrossed. (Impoverished part-time teachers have to make do with what they have sometimes.)