"For some reason modern medicine has itself turned a corner and entered a darkness and is now committing crimes against humanity unequalled
in the history of our race."
--Dr. Mark Sircus
Alternative Cancer Treatments

1979 Around January of that year, I went home to die.   ..cont. 
I was diagnosed with stage 2 stomach cancer, chronic bronchitis, acutely infected ovarian cysts, arthritis, sciatica, low thyroid, anemia and a heart condition. Besides that I had chronic ear infections and long-standing clinical depression. The late Dr. Harold Dick, N.D., known as a "naturopathic oncology pioneer" cured me in 5 weeks. It required the diagnosis (the Carroll Food Test) of digestive enzyme deficiency food intolerances which most people have and few know about, and it also identified the primary tissue salt deficiency, along with treatment with glandular protomorphogens to restore glandular health, and Constitutional Hydrotherapy to bring about detoxification, to stimulate blood circulation and the activity of the vital organs and to jump-start the immune system. It turned out to be the basic foundation of the most successful healing system I've ever witnessed.
1986 My 5-year-old daughter was forcibly vaccinated and immediately developed a flesh-eating infection so virulent that my husband and I became infected from contact. Naturopathic medicine brought us back from the brink.
Later that year we were introduced to escharotic cancer salves and treated a dog tumor, my husband's cirrhosis of the liver, various skin lesions, moles, fungal infections, and a lump in my thigh. It eventually helped clear up the remaining symptoms from my husband's flesh-eating infection after he was forced to submit to antibiotic treatment which made a mess of it. There was much more, gallbladder problems in 1999, adrenal deficiency 2001, injury in 2002, arthritis, diabetes, and other issues between 2003-2012, including glaucoma--cured.

This is why I research and write about alternative medicine. It's a debt.

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Miracle From The Sea--Nexus article, earlier drafts
Seawater as blood plasma substitute (Nexus Article)
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The Marine Treatment photos (old photos from the French medical archives)
Marine Treatment (Ocean Plasma) 2, at home

Seawater solids save sacred Indian Buffalo lands

I found something miraculous--a simple, plentiful, blood transfusion substitute tried, proven, and documented in animal trials over 100 years ago, after which it was used as a healing agent to save thousands of lives in France and Egypt, particularly children dying of infantile cholera at the time, although it cured many other infections, conditions, and diseases common in the early 1900s.

This remarkable fluid assists in correcting the internal "terrain" by re-mineralizing the body, balancing electrolytes, and normalizing the pH (acid-alkaline) levels needed for the proper functioning of all systems and organs in the body. It so perfectly mirrors the fluid our cells bath and feed in as to be interchangeable, thus it represents a true "marine plasma" awaiting the first human trials to prove its safety and efficacy. I refer to seawater, diluted to its original, primal state of salinity before the oceans became condensed and more salty, with every mineral and trace mineral known to man in proper ratios, in organic, instantly absorbable form. Even more, it has some living quality which defies complete scientific analysis, so mysterious that no one can synthesize it in a lab, dry and reconstitute it, or in any way other way duplicate its unique properties. Seawater represents something greater, some unknown entity bigger than the sum of its parts!

This living quality makes it fragile-- heating kills the invigorating, living properties of seawater and contact with metal alters it, but carefully handled, it can sustain life as only blood can do both inside and outside of the human body. Not that all seawater is the same. It must be precisely harvested only from certain areas of the ocean where plants and algae feed it in deep, uncontaminated waters, during specific conditions of weather and tide. French biologist/physiologist Rene Quinton made these findings in the late 1800s and through careful scientific study and experimentation proved the miracle of seawater as a blood plasma replacement first, then put it to the test with animal trials followed by successful medical treatment. French medical archive "before-and-after" photos and documentation of patients cured by "the marine treatment" leave no doubt of its effectiveness.

I "found" this miracle in the form of a report which listed it as a treatment modality for cancer and infection (in the absence of sodium sensitivity) and obtained permission from the Canadian author, Dr. Juergen Buche, N.D., to reprint it on my website http://www.truthquest2.com/oceanplasma.htm. He was already in the process of translating the original French works of Quinton and his colleagues into English and putting the material on an academic site http://www.oceanplasma.org which explains "The Marine Treatment" in detail. Quinton's work was interrupted by World War I, his conscription into the army, and his premature death from the exhaustion of his work and studies in 1925 ...but not ended as his devoted followers carried on the treatments in other countries.

I'm writing because Dr. Buche hoped to apply for government grants in Canada to begin human trials using seawater for blood transfusion replacement, but his fledgling company makes so many demands on his time that I fear it will may be years, if ever, before he has the time and resources to focus on continued scientific studies. I'm hoping to stir up interest elsewhere. I believe he would happily cooperate with any person or group willing to undertake this venture, but I can't speak for him directly. I don't work for the company--I'm an independent investigative researcher with no financial connections to anyone, but I do have interest in seeing a blood replacement become available, as much from personal fear of transfusion as from any altruistic motives. Also, I see this could make medical history and benefit the entire world, and I'd like to have a small part in making it happen sooner rather than later. I have an article about seawater as a potential transfusion substitute accepted for publication by Nexus Magazine out of Australia, but no date has been set yet--it could be months or years from now--and this is too important to wait. http://www.truthquest2.com/miraclefromthesea.htm (editing and citations are still in progress)

Please look at the research and the science. Visualize the possibilities as I did and consider seizing the opportunity to make the world of medicine a better, safer place to live as quickly as possible. And if one single human "guinea pig" is needed to start the ball rolling, I VOLUNTEER.

Report A: For Medical Authorities, an Ocean Plasma Report

Modern medicine must be congratulated for making enormous strides in areas like reconstructive surgery, emergency medicine, and similar fields, but when it comes to the treatment of chronic/degenerative disease, the on-going struggle to do more than just treat symptoms continues with little progress.

More and more research peers into our lifestyles and habits for answers. The effects of diet and nutrition have come under careful scrutiny, as well as our exposure to potentially harmful environmental factors and self-destructive trends towards obesity, a sedentary lifestyle, junk food addiction, smoking, alcohol, epidemic recreational drug abuse, and other flagrant violations of natural health laws. In many ways, the enormous patient loads that doctors try to cope with have become almost too difficult to handle.

As a health researcher, I look at the problems with an eye for solutions, particularly those that can be more easily applied to the general population, such as improved nutrition, rather than specific disease treatments.  The field of nutrition may be overpopulated with health gurus, each purporting to have the answer to diet-related health problems, but on this slippery slope of dietary confusion, a few constants arise like common landmarks in varied terrains.

First, that our commercial soils were depleted of their vital mineral content decades ago, and that commercial fertilizers only contain a primary mix of 3 minerals needed for the quick and abundant growth of plants when all 92 known minerals are needed by the human body.

That organically-grown foods or some kind of "super food" supplements are needed to fill in the nutritional gaps left by poor soils, over-processed foods, poor cooking and preservation methods in the home, and poor dietary choices commonly made by individuals. However, the old adage dating back to the time of Hippocrates, that "one man's food is another man's poison" holds just as true today. There are some great whole-food nutritional supplements out there, but for people with differing nutritional needs, or restrictions such as allergies or food intolerances (digestive-based, enzyme deficiency food problems), no clear solution presents itself. Besides that, picking and choosing often becomes more a matter of salesmanship than nutritional soundness. My own family struggles with the same problem of choices and we are more aware and concerned than most, due to the nature of my research over the last 25 years.

A few months ago, I came across the work of French physiologist, Rene Quinton, who proved that seawater, when diluted to its original, primal state of salinity, so closely resembles human blood plasma as to be interchangeable, although in a much more perfected state with all of the known minerals and other components needed to sustain life.

He started experimenting with seawater injections on patients with many of the prevalent infections and disorders of the day, such as typhoid, infant cholera, gastrointestinal problems, cirrhosis, syphilis, tuberculosis, conditions in babies we would label as "failure to thrive" and skin diseases like eczema and psoriasis. He documented his remarkable successes in the book "L'eau de mer, milieu organique" (Ocean water, organic matrix)," published in 1904, which was hailed by the Paris Academy of Medicine who viewed him as "the new Pasteur" or "the Charles Darwin" of his day. Quinton, with the help of many eminent physicians, went on to treat thousands of patients in France and Egypt. The work was interrupted by his conscription into the military during World War I and his death in 1925, but his colleagues continued "The Marine Treatment" which saw a resurgence after World War II and has spread into many more European countries and Latin America since.

Dr. Juergen Buche, N.D. of Quebec, Canada now has a website up and running (oceanplasma.org) after spending a long period of time translating much of the research from the original French into English. He details the work of Rene Quinton and other health care pioneers working with seawater preparations in the past and present. Shocking 100-year-old photos taken of several Quinton patients caught my eye first, and a look at the science came after.

Seawater contains all of the minerals included in the periodic tables, in a form completely assimilated by the human body with no contraindications other than the need to use diluted rather than full strength seawater when a person has high blood pressure or kidney disease. "Ocean Plasma" can assist in remineralizing the body, normalizing the pH, and balancing the electrolytes, thereby improving the internal environment and eliminating many factors of susceptibility.  However, the current promotional literature just mentions it as a nutritional supplement for energy, detoxification and anti-stress.

After studying the research on it, I had to try Ocean Plasma as soon as it became available for North American distribution a few weeks ago, and I'm already hooked. After just a few days of drinking small amounts of the seawater, I find myself more alert with some changes in chronic muscle pain, in my eyesight, and in the grinding fatigue I've suffered from for several years. That's an anecdotal report only, but I'm convinced enough to pass the information on to others.

However, I found something else in the research even more astounding. Quinton ran blood transfusion experiments on dogs, successfully using seawater as a blood replacement. He pushed the experiments further by draining all of the blood from a dog and doing a complete seawater replacement. On the second day, 50% of the blood components were restored. By day 4, seawater had turned to blood in an apparent case of biological transmutation. Not only that, but soon after the procedure the dog was up and running around with the vitality of a puppy and lived for another 5 years.

I live with a fear of blood transfusion, not as a religious issue, but due to extensive research into the nature of blood-borne diseases and infections. Many safeguards exist to protect blood supplies, but an assurance of 100% safety remains beyond reach at this point. Think what it would mean to modern medicine and to those of us submitting to medical procedures and treatments if a safe, effective substitute for blood with proven healing properties was available--particularly from a renewable resource as plentiful as seawater--not only for blood transfusion, but how about as a replacement for the saline drips seen in every hospital in the country? Saline is basically table salt and conditioned water. Processed salt can harm the body and bears little resemblance to natural sea salt and the body knows the difference. Consider what might happen if the fluid currently used only for hydration and the transport of other materials had additional abilities to nourish and heal?

The dog trials were replicated in 1969, but no human trials for blood transfusion use have ever been done. I'm writing in hopes of bringing this information to the public and stirring up interest.

Historically, change comes slowly in the field of modern medicine, but hopefully someone with vision and the courage to make medical history will step forward and take up the torch. Progress comes with change, and risk, and the kind of pioneer spirit that builds nations. We can do it.

General Public Report 1:The short version

A Miracle From The Sea?--In this time of international terrorism, political unrest and natural disaster, the field of conventional medicine also suffers from instability and world scrutiny in the wake of major drug scandals, from the disturbing efforts to put a stranglehold on alternative health care and from the ominous specter of a mounting health crisis in the United States. We continue to have the worst national health of any industrialized nation in the world in spite of spending the most money on health care and research. Statistically, our prospects look dim.

The so-called “war on cancer” failed as the overall numbers spiraled out of control, 25% of all school children are classified as “learning disabled,” over 200,000 people die every year from iatrogenic (doctor-caused) injury and disease, and the word “cure” associated with natural healing has become an actionable offence. What’s wrong with this picture?

As an independent health researcher, I’ve spent many years looking at the problems and searching for answers. While conventional medicine has made remarkable strides in the fields of reconstructive surgery, emergency medicine and similar fields, in the larger area of chronic/degenerative disease, medicine has little more to offer than the management of symptoms with treatment modalities riddled with side effects. In short, sometimes the treatment is worse than the disease.

Twenty-five years ago, Dr. Harold Dick, N.D. of Spokane, Washington--a well-known physician in the field of naturopathic medicine--restored my failing health in a matter of weeks without drugs or surgery. That turned my interest towards natural healing methods. In the course of research, I’ve come across remarkable healers, remedies, treatments, therapies, and diagnostic procedures in the field of alternative medicine, for example, the O.G. Carroll Food Intolerance Test which detects digestion-based, enzyme deficiency food intolerances and primary tissue salt deficiencies from a type of blood chemistry analysis unknown in medical circles which has saved countless lives since the 1940’s, including mine. (See truthquest2.com)

However, a few months ago I stumbled across something completely new in the way of a healing agent, actually discovered before 1900. “The Marine Treatment”was the brilliant discovery of French physiologist, Rene Quinton, who proved that seawater, when diluted to its original, primal state of salinity so completely resembles blood plasma as to be interchangeable. It contains the entire range of 92 minerals and other components needed to sustain life. He successfully used it as a blood transfusion replacement in dog trials. In one case he drained all the blood from a dog and replaced it with seawater. On day 2 of this experiment, 50% of the blood components had returned. By day 4, in an apparent case of biological transmutation, seawater had changed into blood. The dog not only survived, but was up and bouncing around like a puppy after the procedure and lived another 5 years.

Quinton, with the help of many eminent physicians, went on to treat thousands of patients for typhoid, cholera, gastrointestinal disorders, cirrhosis, prenatal therapy, syphilis, skin conditions, cutaneous tuberculosis and other conditions in France and Egypt with his seawater therapy before he died in 1925. One hundred-year-old before-and-after photos attest to his stunning cures. (See oceanplasma.org) After his death, his followers continued the work, which saw a resurgence after World War II and a spread into Latin America and other European countries. The dog trials were successfully replicated in 1969.

“Ocean Plasma” can assist in remineralizing the body, normalizing the pH, and correcting the electrolyte balance, thereby improving the internal environment and addressing the underlying cause of many disease conditions. However, people currently use it primarily as a natural supplement for energy, detoxification, and anti-stress...when it could be so much more.

I ran across the information about Ocean Plasma on an alternative cancer treatment website, which was ironic considering that in 1900, cancer affected only about 1% of the population compared to 33% today. I figured the site researchers knew something about more modern applications of the therapy than was disclosed in the brief report, so I was happy to find another website in development as the site author, Dr. Juergen Buche, N.D., of Quebec, Canada, translated a great body of work on the subject from the original French into English.

Ocean Plasma just became available for North American distribution a few weeks ago, so of course I had to try it. The first day, I stayed awake all night with no apparent ill effects the next day. At age 58, I can’t think of the last time that happened. After a week, I noticed some positive changes in my eyesight, and chronic muscular pain in my upper arms lessened by half. It’s only been a few days since I started sipping seawater, so no telling where it might go from there, but I’m looking forward to finding out and hoping to convince everyone I know to do the same.

However, as exciting as it was to find a nutritional supplement of this nature not affected by CODEX restraints, another aspect of the “marine treatment” subject intrigues me even more.

For years I’ve lived with a fear of blood transfusion, not from religious issues, but from the large body of research documenting the many blood-borne diseases and other dangerous factors complicating the modern practice of blood transfusion. Even saline drips using the equivalent of table salt and water worry me. Processed salt bears little resemblance to natural sea salt and the human body knows the difference.

Think what a safe, effective replacement for blood with proven healing properties would mean to modern medicine, and to those of us subjected to medical treatments and procedures. No more worry about infection or disease transmission, no blood type matching, no rare blood types in short supply, and from a renewable resource as natural and plentiful as sunlight and fresh air.

More than anything, I hope someone with vision and courage sees the possibilities here and initiates the first human trials in a bold stroke that could make medical history. In these uncertain times, such a medical breakthrough could turn things around in a myriad of ways, which needs to happen. The alternative is unthinkable!

Report 2: The longer, darker version

A Miracle from the Sea?

In a world shaken by chaos, trembling fearfully in the aftermath and waiting for the next shockwave of human violence or natural disaster, uprooting any nugget of good news in the rubble of destruction takes on the nature of a miracle.

That’s what I do as an alternative medicine researcher--root about in the combined trenches of science and medicine as well as outside those disciplines in hopes of digging up something of value, but even suggesting that healing occurs outside of “orthodox” medicine puts a person at risk these days. One must tread lightly to survive the current pharmaceutical industry-fueled government medical inquisition in one piece. We health freedom fighters top their hit list, right alongside vitamins and other drugless nutritional supplements.

Happily, a few months ago I came across the biggest “strike” in 25 years of searching for good medicine in a field gone bad. I had already stumbled upon great natural healers, researchers with helpful information, drugless remedies, and alternative treatments, therapeutics, and diagnostic procedures (truthquest2.com), but for me, this new thing strangely and wonderfully restored some level of order in the midst of medical mayhem. Even more strangely, it came as an affirmation of life from the cause of recent death--the storm-tossed seas.

In this country, in our particular piece of the universe, the field of health seems to have fallen apart like pieces of a scattered puzzle. We have the worst national health of any industrialized country in the world in spite of spending the most money on health care and research. We have more mental disease, learning disorders, chronic/degenerative disease, infectious illness, cancer and birth defects than other countries. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out something went terribly wrong with the healthcare system itself.

The number of unnecessary medical and surgical procedures performed annually is estimated at 7.5 million and the number of people exposed to unnecessary hospitalization annually is around 8.9 million! Add 200,000 iatrogenic (doctor-caused) deaths per year and that makes the American medical system the leading cause of death and injury in the United States.

By contrast, what I stumbled upon looks right, sounds right, and after using it myself, it feels right. Also, it won’t require a prescription from your local allopath (conventional medical doctor).

This discovery came about when I spent some of my meager part-time teacher earnings to join a member-only website featuring “forbidden” cancer treatments. That now includes everything “alternative,” thanks to the world domination of the international pharmaceutical drug cartels. In fact, it became ILLEGAL several years ago for a health care provider to cure cancer with anything but government-approved drugs, radiation, and chemotherapy even though these unproven remedies have a low success rate and a high mortality rate.

Nestled among the 17 or 18 cancer treatment reports, some familiar, some not, was a hidden gem—the jewel in the crown, so to speak, referred to in the past as “The Marine Treatment.” Oddly enough, when it was first used in the early 1900’s, cancer affected only 1% of the population compared to 33% in today’s world, so obviously the treatment was applied to cancer cases rarely, if at all. The site researchers must have found information linking the treatment to more modern cases and felt it belonged on the cancer treatment pages.

The report came with stunning 100-year-old photos, all starkly real and untouched, that grabbed my attention long before I settled in to study the science behind them. The before-and-after pictures showed patients suffering from common diseases and disorders prevalent at that time—cholera, digestive and bowel disorders, cachexia (extreme weight loss), skin diseases, alopecia (baldness) in children, and conditions we might describe today as “failure to thrive” in babies.

“The Marine Treatment” was the discovery of French physiologist, Rene Quinton, who, with the help of  many eminent physicians, successfully treated thousands of patients in France and Egypt before he died in 1925. The course of treatment usually took from several weeks to a few months, often resulting in a complete cure without further need for treatment, unlike most types of disease management protocols today which focus on continued treatment rather than cure.

The member site provided some information, but the real body of research appeared over the next few months on a marine treatment website (oceanplasma.org) as most of the material was being translated from the original French to English by the site author, Dr. Juergen Buche, N.D. The new website details the work of

Rene Quinton and other medical and natural healing pioneers who followed in his footsteps. It had more photos too, worth taking a look at both for the shock value and for a glimpse into a past where true healing occurred and the word “cure” didn’t land you in a courtroom like author Kevin Trudeau (“Natural Cures They Don’t Want You to Know About”), or held at gunpoint by the FDA like alternative medicine innovator, Dr. Jonathan Wright, M.D., or imprisoned like the ground-breaking German New Medicine founder, Dr. Ryke Geerd Hamer, M.D., who dared to address the emotional trauma preceding many disease conditions instead of going straight to invasive modern treatment measures (germannewmedicine.com).

The product central to the marine treatment is so compatible with the human body that when used properly, no long-lasting side effects have ever been recorded--a claim no drug manufacturer on the face of the earth can make--although it may trigger detoxification efforts or immune system activities that cause temporary discomfort. In fact, this substance is so perfectly attuned to human blood and tissues that live cells can be grown in it.

In an infamous, world-renowned experiment, Nobel Prize laureate Dr. Alexis Carrel kept a piece of chicken heart tissue alive in this medium for over 26 years. It was discontinued after his death. He enraged the public with this experiment, as they somehow envisioned a living, beating chicken heart trapped in a glass container without understanding the amazing science behind the Frankenstein imagery. No other bloodless nutrient medium in the world could accomplish this feat, even for a shorter period.

This wondrous nutritional medium, when taken by injection or by mouth, can remineralize an undernourished body, normalize the pH (the all-important acid-alkaline levels) and balance the electrolytes, thereby improving the internal terrain of the human body and correcting the underlying cause of many disease manifestations.

Even Louis Pasteur on his death bed admitted that “terrain” was the determining factor in disease, not germs, because germs respond to the internal environment of the body and can evolve into benign or harmful entities, depending on the food, temperature, pH balance and other factors found in the blood and tissues that harbor them. We might generally refer to bad conditions as “susceptibility” factors.

For example, poor or impaired blood circulation and the resulting lack of free-flowing oxygen can allow the buildup of acidic metabolic wastes and other toxins which provide a fertile but morbid soil for the degeneration or death of tissue, development of bacterial infection, fungal overgrowth or normal cell transformation into acid-loving cancer cells. Two-time Nobel Prize winning scientist, Dr. Otto Warburg, awarded for his discoveries related to cellular metabolism and cellular respiration, demonstrated that cancerous cells can live and develop even in the absence of oxygen by means of a fermentation process referred to as anaerobic respiration. In fact, they may thrive on it!

In short, a malnourished, de-mineralized body gives rise to a diseased body. Many people still choose to believe that disease can pounce upon a strong, vital body and steal away its health like a thief in the night. We prefer to picture ourselves as helpless victims of foul play by external forces such as exposure to pathogenic microbes. However, even in the midst of overwhelming epidemic conditions, some people get exposed and remain well. The state of one’s internal environment and one's state of mind (psyche) usually determines the course of health or disease. Both are a process built upon step-by-step (or mis-step), with life-altering choices available at every turn in the road. Health and disease can never co-exist. By building up one’s health, disease must be diminished.

So what is this miraculous, health-building nutrient medium from the sea? --Just plain seawater.

Of course there is nothing “plain” about seawater. In spite of the high-tech world we live in and all of the extraordinary advances of science, seawater defies analysis. Science can determine its mineral content and other components, but cannot create seawater by putting the individual elements together. The whole is more than the sum of its parts. It has some indefinable living quality that can be destroyed by heat, contact with metal and other forces. It can never be dried and reconstituted nor artificially reproduced. Seawater simply remains a mystery as to its complete nature and makeup.

Even more thought-provoking and intriguing, when properly diluted to its original state of salinity before the oceans became more concentrated and salty, seawater so closely resembles human blood plasma as to be interchangeable, but it exists in a far more perfected state.

Not just any seawater works the therapeutic magic of Quinton’s marine treatment, however. Surface waters may be stripped of nutritional value by vegetation, some waters are polluted and others lack the right weather and sea conditions. In compliance with the original research of Quinton, water is taken from a certain proximity to a seashore, yet miles away, deep enough to avoid surface contamination, and under certain conditions of weather and tide. The water is harvested far out at sea and transported in food-grade plastic containers and kept at lowered temperatures. Then, it must be filtered for purity and cold-sterilized before it becomes organic, nutrient-rich “Ocean Plasma.”

Quinton found an astounding use for seawater after proving its similarity to blood plasma. He ran blood transfusion experiments on dogs, successfully using seawater as a blood replacement. He pushed the process ever further by draining all the blood from a dog and replacing it entirely with seawater. The dog should have died, according to known physiological principles, but in an apparent case of biological transmutation, within hours seawater became blood. By the second day, 50% of the blood components were restored. By the fourth day, the restoration reached nearly 100%. Not only that, but shortly after the procedure the dog was up and bouncing around like a puppy and lived 5 more years after this scientific breakthrough which should have become a new chapter in the history of biology. Instead, it nearly became a “lost chapter” after Rene Quinton was conscripted for military service in World War I and died a few years later.

Fortunately, his followers continued research and treatment after his death. There was a resurgence in treatment after World War II, and the dog trials were successfully repeated in 1969, but always in other countries while America remained in the dark. Why? --Possibly because one can patent a name, but not a naturally-occurring substance. The all-powerful pharmaceutical industry counts on patents and exclusivity for profits. They made 377 billion dollars in 2004, and would not look with interest upon a product outside their control, nor kindly upon a plentiful natural remedy cutting into their profit margin, which would discourage media coverage, particularly over the last century since they have gained such enormous influence over the dissemination of health-related information by the mass media. “Freedom of Speech” and an independent press are ideals with little reality when it comes to the profitable business of disease! --So much for our blood-soaked contract with America called the Bill of Rights.

Dare to imagine what a safe, effective replacement for blood transfusion with proven healing properties would mean in the world of medicine today, and for those subjected to modern medical procedures. No more worry about contaminated blood supplies, no type matching, no more rare blood types in low supply and a source as available as fresh air and sunshine. It staggers the imagination! I for one became terrified of the potential dangers of blood transfusion years ago in the process of research and the discovery of the many blood-borne contaminants and diseases out there from a myriad of sources. I still live with that fear.

At this point in time, “Ocean Plasma” exists as a mineral supplement for energy, detoxification, and anti-stress. Human field trials for blood transfusion are the next logical step forward, along with resuming The Marine Treatment as a healing agent for chronic/degenerative or infectious disease. It’s time for someone with vision and true grit to look outside the box and take a giant step forward for mankind. Let us look to a future with safer and more effective health care treatment. The alternative is unthinkable.

"Unless we put medical freedom into the Constitution, the time will come when medicine will organize into an undercover dictatorship ... To restrict the art of healing to one class of men and deny equal privileges to others, will constitute the Bastille of medical science."

-- Benjamin Rush, M.D.
Signatory to the Declaration of Independence
Physician to George Washington

The Nexus Magazine article accepted for publication at some unspecified date: http://www.truthquest2.com/miraclefromthesea.htm

update: Published in 2006 as "Seawater--Safe Blood Plasma Substitute?"

Dianne Jacobs Thompson  Est. 2003
Also http://legaljustice4john.com
The Misdiagnosis of "Shaken Baby Syndrome" --an unproven theory without scientific support, now in disrepute and wreaking legal and medical havoc world-wide
Author publication: NEXUS MAGAZINE "Seawater--A Safe Blood Plasma Substitute?"

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